Saturday, February 13, 2016

Lia Labowe and Yours Truly: the REMATCH! :)

So shortly before my back operation in December, Lia Labowe came back to visit for a couple days of matches. One of the matches was requested by a client who had sponsored our previous "Toe to Toe" grappling match. Of course her and I were both itching to do it :)

This time around the match was shorter and he wanted to add a couple of 'scripted' elements. Well, OK. Figure the match is like a sandwich: the bread is script and the meat of the sammich is unscripted. Don't lie. You love my analogies.

Anyway, the match starts with five minutes of boxing. It's pretty much back and forth with face and body shots until Lia slams me good and I get sent to the mats. Whatever, let's see what she can do on the mats!

Once on the mats we are going for a single submission utilizing arm bars, chokes etc. Lia and I love fighting, especially each other. You can check out the deets of the match at the store. For now, here's a few pics from it and a teaser clip!


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When you go check out the match comment below and let me know what you think! I would love to hear your feedback <3

More later! xoxox
Keri S

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Lea Hart's Debut and First Clip "Cat Fighting for Sleepers"

I was sooooo excited when teeny tiny Lea Hart walked into my studio! She's adorable, but at the same time she just drips sex appeal. That's a definite winning combo in my book! Having just come off my back operation in December, I wasn't quitttte ready to be on film YET, so I had Cali do a clip with her for Spectrum. Trust me, it was a GREAT idea!
With new girls, I never take customs (unless they are established in the wrestling/cat fighting genre already), so the clip I released is 'out of pocket' (a term you'll hear me say often I'm sure). All that means is I thought it up myself and nobody sponsored the video. :)
I had Cali and Lea head off in a cat fight in which they were allowed to utilize 'cat fight tactics' to weaken one another or gain a good position. However, they could only win a round with a sleeper hold knock out. Love it! The result was a unique, sexy, hybrid fem fighting clip. You can see some preview pics below and a clip, too!

Buy Now The best thing about Lea is that she is VERY local and available for customs! She's literally the next town over from me! I'm really excited to get her under my 'wing' and show her the ropes of wrestling, cat fighting and fetish. Of course, Cali will help with the fetish :)
Stay tuned for more clip updates, free pics and clips later!
Keri S

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Cadence and Cali in "Post Work Out Foot Fiend"!

I sometimes come across out of pocket clips that 'fell through the cracks', so to speak. This is a great example! I think this clip was one of the first ones we produced with Cadence. I was cleaning up my work station sub folders recently and found the raw files of this clip. You can imagine how stoked I was when I went on to find out that I hadn't edited it or released it yet! Yay!


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Cadence is definitely one of those rare gems who legit loves every scene she does. This clip is no exception to that rule. I've seen so many foot clips that feature near-perfect feet only to be ruined by piss poor foot worship. Not to worry here, though, guys...Cadence more than delivers!